Many thanks for the call


Our conversation with William Giordano just a few weeks ago left us energized. We were thrilled to learn the hotbed of Maine innovation was happening right under our noses.

So let us begin by saying, “Thank you.” The work you are doing is important, relevant, and necessary. In a state known as ‘Vacationland,’ creating the infrastructure necessary for a year round local economy is game changing and we are excited to brainstorm ways to bring this story to national audiences.

Every member of our team has either worked on an organic farm at some point in their early 20’s or is related to someone working in agriculture. And as a film team that often collaborates with organizations on the front lines of conservation and sustainable agriculture efforts in Maine we find ourselves feeling personally invested in your mission.

There are many possibilities to document the transformative power of your efforts that we’re excited to share. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a moment to introduce Timber & Frame.


The T&F Team



Timber & Frame is an EMMY award winning production company that makes films around the world and lives on the coast of Maine. We specialize in filming real people (rather than actors) to create intimate and poignant films that blend the lines between documentary and cinema. The T&F team has filmed in challenging environments from Cuba to Bosnia, from the Ecuadorian Amazon to the border towns of Mexico, and all across Maine.

We have had the privilege of making films for National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy, Motorola and Country Crock among many others. We spend our extra time creating feature length documentaries about issues we are passionate about. Our current feature film is about the designation of a controversial new National Park in Maine and will be entered into competition at Sundance this fall.

Here is a private selection of our work that we think would be beneficial for you all to see. None of this work is currently on our website:



2017 Reel


A good quick introduction to our work. Excuse the roughness of the audio and color, this film is still under construction.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust


This is a work in progress rough cut of our most recent project. Wanted to include here to show examples of the movement, energy and production value we can bring to this project. Also you can see our drone work here. We filmed across the state of Maine for this project.

Grow For It


Here is a video we created a few years back about a supermarket that grows its own produce. We do not imagine your project to be similar to this, but wanted to illustrate our abilities to film similar initiatives, work with people on the ground of the sustainable agriculture movement, and capture real human moments on film.


You can see more of our work on our website:



the idea

This is a story of Maine. It is a story of ingenuity and leadership, of a state with a cold winter but a fire for innovation. Maine has a legacy of agricultural leadership and the SYRA cluster initiative is about encouraging Mainers to cultivate the same kind of expertise that has historically characterized our state.

In its completion this film will be a rallying call for Maine business and innovation. It will be an ode to the coalition of people working together to build something that has never been built before. And it will be a documentation of the organizations and businesses that helped bring this initiative to life.

For an initiative that is interdisciplinary in nature and the result of a diverse network coming together - farmers, entrepreneurs, educators, and innovators - the challenge will be to tell a story that illustrates the scope of the SYRA cluster initiative’s reach.

We have outlined a number of budget options below that in our professional opinion, will make it possible to achieve these goals. Option 3 is preferable, as it achieves the higher flying goals of your team - to create a short form documentary capable of breaking this story to national audiences and at a macro level establishes Maine as a longstanding leader in agricultural innovation. Option 2 and 1 offer video packages that continue to achieve your goals for outreach and education, but without the backing of a budget to pitch to national outlets.


Look & Feel

We are a professional documentary team and we will bring a documentary style to this project but that doesn’t necessarily mean, run and gun without regard for story structure, composition, and lighting.

Famous film director Alfred Hitchcock once said that a film is finished before the first day of filming. At Timber & Frame we take that to heart. Our team puts just as much time and effort into the pre-production of our films as we put into the production of them. By scouting locations, pre-interviewing subjects, and storyboarding scenes we ensure that the time we do spend filming is as productive as possible so we can support your organization in fulfilling its mission. This won’t take any additional time on your part, but we will need as much information about the people, places, and organizations we will be filming at the start so we can prepare.

Building on the fundamentals of the documentary form we will increase production value through cinematic sensibility. Low depth of field and primarily backlit imagery will create a sense of the ethereal. By focusing our shooting around the “magic hours” of natural light that happen in the hours just before and after sunrise/sunset we will achieve the golden quality that many films try to fake with big lights. There is a realism and a power to using natural light that is hard to fake.

Interviews will be filmed but our emphasis will be to not show talking heads. Rather, we will show our interviewees doing things, interacting with people and illustrating the points they are making in their voice overs. We will utilize z-axis camera moves using a gimbal camera stabilization system instead of pan or tilts in order to achieve a more engaging and cinematic sense that will bring our audience in direct contact with the voices and the people on the ground making sustainable year round agriculture a reality in Maine.

Aerial drone footage will help illustrate the vastness of Maine’s landscape, the harshness of its winters, and its limitless potential for year round agriculture.





Budget Option 1                    1 demonstration site

Cost: $10,000  

  • 3-minute anthem video

This option includes filming at one demonstration site during Maine’s winter months with a 2-3 person crew to document and profile the impact of the SYRA cluster initiative, at a micro level.


Budget Option 2                
3 demonstration sites

Original cost: $35,000    
Less discounts: $30,000

  • 3-minute anthem video

  • 60 second cut-down for social media  

  • 2-minute profile video of each demonstration site 

This option includes everything offered in Option 1, but also includes:

-  The additional documentation of a second and third demonstration site.

-  60-second cut-down for social media distribution.

-  2-minute individual profiles of each demonstration site, using footage filmed while on location.

- Archival Video: Maine has a long legacy of agricultural leadership and innovation. We will collaborate with Northeast Historic Film Archive to locate and license archival video footage that helps to visually tell this story across Maine's history.

- Filming across Maine’s changing seasons: the SYRA cluster initiative is compelling in its visual variety. By filming across multiple seasons we can shift viewers expectations of when the growing season should end, and lead them by the hand into a new world where winter doesn’t necessarily mean putting a pause on Maine agriculture. While snow squalls swirl outside, lettuce continues to grow inside. It’s a juxtaposition of what people expect to see with what’s possible, and we look forward to capturing that on film.

- T&F Discount: T&F has discounted over $5k in equipment expenses and producing rates due to our personal investment in your mission and the opportunity to produce a body of work that has the potential to reach national outlets.


Budget Option 3                  3 demonstration sites 

Original cost: $55,000  
Less discounts: $50,000

  • 4-7 minute short form documentary pitched to national outlets  

  • 3-minute anthem video

  • 60 second cut down for social media

  • 2-minute individual profile videos of each demonstration site where we film

This option includes everything offered in Option 2, but also includes:

- Impact & Outreach Support: utilizing our connections with editorial outlets and documentary advocates, our team will use its producing power to help bring this film to larger audiences so that it can inspire, educate, and engage Mainers and non-Mainers alike for years to come. We imagine pitching the outlets like: Outside Magazine, The Atlantic, Time, National Geographic, Real Food Media, and more.

- T&F Discount: T&F has discounted over $5k in equipment expenses and producing rates due to our personal investment in your mission and the opportunity to produce a body of work that reaches national outlets.



Thank you again for inviting us to brainstorm around this important project. We looking forward to producing a film that positions Maine as a leader in the development of sustainable year round agriculture technologies. It is imperative that the infrastructure required for our local economies to thrive is developed. We are proud to know that work is happening in Maine and we are excited by the possibilities for how we can support you in this mission.

Questions? Comments? Crazy ideas? Let us know using the form below. This is an evolving document and all concepts and options can be reworked to meet your needs and desires.

We look forward to getting to work. Onward!

- The T&F Crew

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