The T&F crew


Ben Severance

A regional EMMY Award winning director/producer, Ben has executed projects in diverse and challenging locations including Bosnia, the Mexican/US border and the Ecuadorian Amazon. As the founder of T&F he has had the privilege of working with some of the organizations he admired as a kid growing up in the woods of rural New Hampshire, including the National Geographic Society, Nature Conservancy and Trust for Public Land.

Micah Tewers

A nationally recognized singer/songwriter, Micah Tewers has written, recorded, and produced three albums for AvantGuard records. Micah’s talents in composing, songwriting, and multi-instrumentation give T&F’s videos their voice. Creating unique compositions from found sounds and recording in unusual places like dusty church attics give his work an authenticity and vitality that stock music can't come close to replicating.


Alexander Sutula

When he isn't tinkering with his old motorcycles or loving on his dog, Layla, Alex can be found chasing the light with T&F. No matter if it's by boat, plane, snowmobile or camel, Alex will get the shot and usually with a smile. Even in the most challenging environments (from Mexican border towns to the wilds of Northern Maine) Alex's mission is to bring the beauty of narrative cinematography to the world of verite documentary. 

Wes Sterrs

Wes has been working in every aspect of film production since he was 16 and growing up on the coast of Maine (where he hauled lobster traps between gigs..a useful skill on any team). Wes has worked with Hyperion Pictures as a cinematographer, film editor and script editor for Tom Wilhite, former head of production at Walt Disney.  At T&F he keeps the laughs going and makes the ends meet, from production to post.


Alexandra Morrow

Born and raised in Maine, Alex found her way to filmmaking by way of public radio. She is a firm believer that film is one of the last mediums where you can mobilize people and change the way they think about the world. She’s worked with organizations like PRX, the Camden International Film Festival, and Atlantic Public Media. Alex has independently shot, produced, and edited short films for non-profits across Maine and New Hampshire. 



The T&F Extended Family