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As an avid user of the resources of the Kennebec Valley Region this project is near and dear to my heart. In fact, if it weren’t for the Kennebec River, and my early foray into filmmaking as a video kayaker for a whitewater rafting outfitter, I wouldn’t be writing to you today.

It’s the small town vibe, the people, the long drives up 201, the abundance of lakes and streams and of course the mighty Kennebec. It’s the farmers markets, the brew festivals, the 4th of July celebrations, the country stores and the characters along the way. It’s the adventure, the experiences, the wildness of the place and the sheer beauty of Western Maine. It’s all these things and more that brought me home. I’m the anomaly; I’m the twenty-something who returned to Maine. And that is why I want to help you tell the story of this amazing place. I have brought my good friends from Timber + Frame along to help. Together, we’re confident we can produce a video series that showcases the rich natural and cultural resources of the Kennebec Valley Region.


 -Taylor Walker


The T&F Team


Timber & Frame is an EMMY award winning production company that makes films around the world and lives on the coast of Maine. We specialize in filming real people (instead of actors) and creating intimate poignant films that blend the lines between documentary and cinema.

As native northern New Englanders we have had the pleasure of filming across the region for organizations such as the Appalachian Mountain Club, The Nature Conservancy, Trust for Public Land, Friends of Acadia, and Maine Coast Heritage Trust. Here are a few examples of our work, some of these projects are yet to be released so you will need a password to watch.



Friends of Acadia


Wanted to show you this project to show our emphasis on moments and the positive energy we can bring to a project. Would be looking to film human moments like you see here especially toward the end.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust


This is a work in progress rough cut of our most recent project. Wanted to include here to show examples of the movement, energy and production value we can bring to this project. Also you can see our drone work here. We filmed across the state of Maine for this project.


You can see more Taylor's work here:

And you can see more of T&F's work here:


the idea


Our goal is to showcase the region through real people and real experiences. While the region is beautiful, it’s the human emotion driven by unique experiences that really makes the place special.

We aim to provide you with the most content possible, optimized for cross platform distribution, maximizing the number of people reached. What the heck does that mean? That means we want to create a series of 30 second videos that can be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and anywhere else you might desire, heck even TV if you feel inclined. The more videos you have to post, the more times you have an opportunity to reach a potential visitor of the Kennebec Valley. We will strive to remain consistent with the voice and tone of the Kennebec Explorer, while bringing a new level of production to the finished product. Our emphasis will be on unscripted moments, real emotion and raw experiences.


Each video will focus on a specific activity or experience that can be had in the region. This allows targeted advertising via social media posts, as well as the ability to post content for each experience, again maximizing your potential reach.


Look & Feel

We are a professional documentary team and we will bring a documentary style to this project but that doesn’t necessarily mean, run and gun without regard for composition and lighting. Building on the fundamentals of the documentary form we will be working with a cinematic sensibility. By focusing our shooting around the “magic hours” of natural light that happen in the hours just before and after sunrise/sunset we will achieve the golden quality that many films try to fake with big lights. There is a realism and a power to using natural light that is hard to fake. My team’s specialty in working with natural light will serve us well in capturing the beauty of the Kennebec Valley’s outdoor experiences.


Our cameras are the current standard for commercial filmmaking and we will be utilizing aerial cinema tools as well. We hold the necessary Part 107 license for drone use. The videos will also include professional “sound design” – think the sound of waves crashing, people cheering in the background at a brew festival, etc.,… thus bringing the audience deeper into the experience.



With consideration for maintaining a budget that works well for KVTC we feel the optimal way to execute this project is to plan roughly 5 days of traveling along the Kennebec Valley corridor. We will shoot from dawn to dusk every day, capturing a new experience with each shoot along the way. If there are major events that do not fit within our 5 day schedule, we will plan to cover those outside of the 5 days.

We would involve the KVTC in this planning process to ensure that we are covering experiences and activities that are desirable to the marketing efforts of the KVTC.


Total budget: $15,000

- Everything above applies to this option including crew size, execution style, concept etc.

- 5 full days (sunrise to sunset) filming on location across the Kennebec region.

- Full post production services including sound, color, mix, export and editing for 10 short videos (15-30 seconds) optimized for social media outlets (specifically Facebook, Instagram and web streaming).



Thank you for the opportunity to showcase a region of Maine that has been my home for many years. I have always had a passion for sharing this place with others.



Thanks again for inviting us to brainstorm around this upcoming campaign. We’re a professional documentary team and we aim to capture genuine and authentic moments in everything we do.  This project is no exception. 

- Ben and the T&F Crew


Questions? Comments? Crazy ideas? Let us know using the form below. This is an evolving document and all concepts can be reworked to meet your needs and desires.

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