When video is crafted with thought and care it has
the ability to help organizations achieve their missions.

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We create these tools and we live for
results just like these:



Within two weeks the #whenwebake campaign had topped over 5 million views with countless shares on social media. The objective? Change the way families think about baking. See what everyone was watching:

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What began as a fundraising video, Go Jackson Doll,
was quickly picked up by radio and print publications making it part of the national conversation on Autism. It is now used by hospitals and universities across the country as an educational tool.

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The Blanchard River Watershed Partnership changed the way their community saw their river by giving it a voice. The river and the town have been together from the very beginning and they always will.

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When agents of social change and storytellers combine skills, there is
a profound effect. It’s where filmmaking meets fundraising.
Interested in creating a beautiful, effective tool for your organization?


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