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We make videos to help those who inspire us.

The social workers and the moms and the entrepreneurs. 
The get-no-credit people in this world who are making a difference. 

Our videos are crafted with thought and care so that people can focus
on what they need to focus on: their mission.


"Fisherman" - Nature Conservancy

Created to help sway public opinion surrounding a legislative vote that threatened the livelihoods of Mainers, the video helped push the legislation through targeted outreach. The film went on to tour the state with the Camden International Film Festival.

"When We Bake" - Country Crock

In collaboration with Story Worldwide we took a simple story about a real mom in Ohio and brought in over 7.2 million views in the first few months.


"21 in 1" - Motorola

In collaboration with VML, we followed famed photographer Ryan Schude as he attempted to take his most challenging photo yet using only a cellphone. "21 in 1" and the ambitious interactive instagram campaign surrounding it, went on to be shortlisted for a Webby award.

"Reissued" - Motorola

In collaboration with VML, Motorola "Reissued" garnered over 30k organic views within 24 hours of launching online. It went on to be picked up by Mashable, The Verge, and Hypebeast among others.        

"Faces of Millennial" - Radiotopia, PRX

We wanted to strip away the flashy production value and make a video that was just all story and heart. After interviewing dozens of young people from around the world we created an unscripted and intimate film about being a part of this misunderstood generation.

"Remember Me" - BRWP

How do you get a community to care about their watershed? By featuring only real community members (no actors) and real archive footage dating back to the 1930's we were able to make an emotional connection between the people and their water. This short film when on to win a regional EMMY for best PSA.

"Go Jackson Doll" - Gliding Stars

What began as a fundraising tool went on to play at film festivals across the country. It's currently used as an awareness and educational tool at organizations such as the Akron Children's Hospital and visiting professors at USC.


"Instead of Your Name" - Alzheimer's Association

After premiering to a standing room only crowd, a fund was established to handle the sudden increase in fundraising dollars for Alzheimer's programs. It since has become the single largest source of new donors for the Findlay-Hancock Community Foundation.


Here is a taste of what it's like working with us...

We believe that embracing the spontaneous, making people feel at home and having fun make for better people and better films.


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